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Best guinea pig toys | WRBL

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Which guinea pig toys are best?

Guinea pigs enjoy to perform, and the proper toys will support maintain them from boredom. Pet retailers generally have hundreds of toys in a variety of sizes or colours, so it’s important to know what to seem for in a good quality guinea pig toy. 

Your guinea pig is clever, so toys like the Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler, which provides equally psychological and bodily stimulation, are the top selection for your pet guinea pig. 

What to know in advance of you buy guinea pig toys

They are social

Guinea pigs are normally social creatures, so they are susceptible to boredom and loneliness. Which is why it is advisable to have a pair of guinea pigs or spend a great deal of good quality time with your piggie. They will play with a variety of toys and even exhibit off by throwing them close to. Toys assist preserve your pet entertained when you aren’t about to enjoy with them.

They can learn tricks 

Like a pet dog, your guinea pig can discover to complete a few tricks, and obtaining some toys close to can assistance. Your pet can press about a smaller ball or a smaller car or truck and even understand to bounce by means of toy hoops. It just will take patience, the proper toy, and the most effective treats for benefits.

Sustain your toys

As your pet employs their most loved toy, it receives worn down and dirty. Be sure to examine the toys often to make certain they are however risk-free for your pet to use. A excellent time to examine and clean up your guinea pig toys is through cage cleansing time. 

No hamster balls or wheels

Guinea pigs don’t want balls or wheels to remain in shape, and they choose to have the room to run wild. Even wheels and balls promoted for guinea pigs aren’t the greatest preference for them, and it all will come down to their longer spine. Think of how a hamster appears to be like in a ball or wheel, and then imagine your guinea pig’s for a longer time entire body in that exact posture. The prolonged “U” condition these toys drive your piggie into can probably injure your pet.

What to look for in excellent guinea pig toys

Built for chewing

Toys that are protected for chewing hold your guinea pig occupied and help your pet remain balanced. Guinea pigs have two prolonged incisors on each their upper and bottom jaws, as nicely as four enamel in the back again of their mouths. Their enamel hardly ever cease developing and are prone to plaque and dental health conditions like elongated tooth. Normal components like twigs or wood are fantastic illustrations of what to search for in a chew toy.

Makes it possible for them to cover

Guinea pigs like to truly feel harmless, and not obtaining a place to hide can result in them tension. Some objects merge both equally hiding and chewing, producing for a terrific toy that your piggie can use to fulfill their urge to nibble and hide.

Protection factor 

Your piggie pet will chew just about something that will get put into their cage. By no means give your guinea pig just about anything you do not want them to demolish. A wonderful guinea pig toy is not manufactured with harmful supplies like paint, plastics, specified metals, glue, and staples. Also, make positive any hideaway toys are huge sufficient for your guinea pig, so they do not get caught.

How a lot you can anticipate to spend on guinea pig toys

Dependent on the size of your guinea pig toy, they can be affordable, costing as little as $5. They can also go up to $30 for significantly greater toys.

Guinea pig toys FAQ

What types of wood are safe and sound for guinea pig toys?

A. Wooden sorts that are protected for guinea pigs are aspen, basswood, poplar, and white pine. Steer clear of any smooth, fragrant woods like cedar, eucalyptus, and redwood. 

Can guinea pigs play with children’s wooden blocks?

A. Whilst children’s wood blocks are commonly produced of elements that are safe and sound for children, they may well not be for your pet. If the blocks are basic, all-natural wooden with no sealants and dyes, they can be considered safe for your pet.

What’s the ideal guinea pig toy to purchase?

Top rated guinea pig toy

Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler

Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler

What you want to know: This is a enjoyment, interactive toy that encourages your pet to chew and engage in at the exact time.

What you’ll adore: The toy attributes all-organic wooden dyed with risk-free meals coloring. It satisfies the intuition your pet has to the two gnaw and chew.

What you really should consider: The smaller pieces of wood that hold this toy alongside one another may possibly trigger a choking hazard as the toy wears down.

Exactly where to get: Offered by Chewy and Amazon

Leading guinea pig toy for the income

eCOTRITION Snak Shak Guinea Pig Activity Log

eCOTRITION Snak Shak Guinea Pig Activity Log

What you require to know: This 3-in-1 activity log provides a chew toy, deal with, and hideout for your guinea pig.

What you’ll adore: The entire log is produced of edible alfalfa and honey and it’s realistically made as a picket log to disguise inside of. It helps fulfill all the organic instincts your guinea pig has to chew and conceal.

What you should look at: It is a much larger merchandise that can crowd your cage. Your pet can also soil inside of the log, which can be complicated to clean up.

The place to acquire: Bought by Chewy and Amazon

Well worth checking out

Wheeky Treat Ball Toy for Guinea Pigs

Wheeky Address Ball Toy for Guinea Pigs

What you need to have to know: The Wheeky deal with ball is an interactive toy that dispenses treats when your pet pushes it or rolls on it.

What you’ll appreciate: The opening is absolutely adjustable, letting you to use a wide range of treats, kibble, and greens as a reward. This is a good toy to promote your pet’s natural intuition to forage.

What you really should take into consideration: Your guinea pig might get bored with this toy if they just cannot dispense the treats.

In which to obtain: Marketed by Amazon

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